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Can Peyronie’s resolve on its own?


Many men who are affected by Peyronie’s disease, hope for a long time for PD to spontaneously resolving on its own and delay the visit to the doctor.

In fact, a complete self-healing of Peyronie’s is virtually impossible. Although there is an improvement in the penile changes caused by PE in about 10% of cases, residual deformities will always be present.

In addition, such improvement is only possible in the acute phase of the disease. As soon as Peyronie’s disease enters the chronic phase, any kind of spontaneous healing is virtually impossible.

Basically, Peyronie’s disease proceeds in two phases. In the first, acute phase, lumps appear on the penis, pain is experienced, and the penile shaft curves or develops indentations.

During this phase, the deformities can change, which can also lead to an improvement, i.e. a supposed self-healing. However, such improvement occurs only in about 10% of cases.

In 30-40% of cases, however, the penile deformity develops more or less spontaneously and hardly changes from the first day. However, in 50-60% of those affected, during the acute phase of IPP, there is a worsening, i.e. increasing deformity of the limb. Then, once the disease reaches the second, chronic phase, the deformities of the penis do not change any more.

During the acute phase of IPP, a number of conservative treatments are available to alleviate symptoms and may even halt the progression of the disease to some degree. Once the disease has entered the chronic phase, usually only a surgical intervention promises improvement.

In any case, I recommend that affected men see a specialist at an early stage and discuss the problem together with the specialist. Simply hoping for Peyronie’s  healing itself  is – as with all other diseases – not the solution.


Dr. med. Franklin Kuehhas

About the Author

Dr. med. Franklin Kuehhas Dr. Franklin Kuehhas is a medical specialist in the field of urology and andrology. He received his specialization training at the University College London. He also underwent his training at the prestigious University Hospital in Heidelberg (Germany) and at the University Hospital of Vienna (Austria). Dr Kuehhas focuses on the treatment of congenital and acquired penile curvatures (Peyronie’s disease), implantation of penile prostheses and also aesthetic genital surgery in men.