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Lumps on the penis


If men find hard lumps under the skin of their penis or on side of the shaft, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the fear of cancer. But significantly more often than penile cancer, however, lumps on the penis may indicate peyronie’s disease.

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In numerous cultures the circumcision of the male foreskin has a history of thousands of years. Even today, circumcision is performed not only for medical reasons (phimosis), but also for religious, cultural and aesthetic reasons. However, not every circumcision is performed with the same technique. Depending on the type and style of a circumcision, the foreskin of the penis is removed either completely or only partially. If so much skin is removed that the glans is always completely exposed, it is called a radical circumcision. On the other hand, if only a part of the foreskin is removed, it is called a partial circumcision.

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Almost every second man subjectively thinks his penis is too small, and wishes for a larger penis. Therefore, an entire "penis industry" has manifested itself on the Internet, which exploits the wish of many men for a larger penis and praises dubious offers. Anyone who enters terms related to "penis enlargement" in search engines will receive thousands of hits. Above all, countless pages appear that promise a "nautral penis enlargement" with the help of massage and stretching exercises, penis extenders or of course with the help of medication products and dietary supplements. In any case, from a professional point of view, all these methods are to be doubted, and some of them must also be expressly warned against.

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